The Mommy Files

This is where I get to tell all. You know all those crazy moments when life couldn't possibly get more ridiculous; when all you can do is laugh because if you don't you might cry!  Here it is:  The happy, sad, funny, precious & the embarrassing; the real life stuff and all it's glorious dirty little details.

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Since 1993

Why Project Joyful Family?   Because having 4 kids is an adventure but having 4 joyful kids is a project!

I am a widowed mom of 4 rapidly growing  kids.  I wanted to start this blog as a way to share our journey.  When my husband passed away I desperately wanted to protect my kids from hurting.  Something all moms want and know is impossible.  What I can do is teach my kids to recognize the Blessings  in our lives.  I want to help them find Joy in life even in the midst of sadness.  Having Joy is an on going project.  Something we have to continually choose to seek and find.  My hope is that sharing our story will help your family find Joy too!



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